Update Covid Vaccinations

Covid Vaccinations

You can still book appointments for covid vaccinations at Ningi Doctors.

At the moment we have AstraZeneca and Pfizer covid vaccines available. We will soon get a supply of Moderna covid vaccines as well. Please call reception to book your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding the vaccinations we recommend you discuss these with your GP. 


Immunocompromised people

People who are severely immunocompromised are eligible for a third primary covid vaccination two to six months after their second vaccination. This can be a different vaccine than the first two you have received, Pfizer is the preferred vaccine for this. 

Please check with your GP if you’re eligible.


Booster shots

From Monday 8 November people over 18 years old are eligible for a booster covid vaccine if they are at least six months after their second vaccination. At the moment only the Pfizer covid vaccine is approved for the use of booster shots.