Change in billings for after hours and phone consults

From this week at Ningi Doctors we will be bulk billing less after hours and phone consults. 

You will likely incur an out of pocket fee for consultations on weekends and after 6 pm on weekdays. 

We will also privately bill more phone consultations. 

The out of pocket fee for phone consultations will be higher on Sundays and weekdays after 8 pm. This is because the Medicare rebate does not increase for phone consults after hours.


Private fee for a standard consultation is $65, Medicare rebate $39.10.
Fee for standard after hours consultation is $80, Medicare rebate $51.00, for phone consult rebate remains at $39.10. 

Different costs and rebates apply to longer consultations and procedures.


There is no Medicare rebate for a phone consultation, if you have not  attended a face to face appointment in the clinic within the last 12 months. 

This means you will be charged the full private fee ($65 or $80) and not get any rebate from Medicare. 


Please check with reception or your GP the billing policy for your appointment.